Venderis Cost Savings and Increased Resale Value
Venderis Features Included Savings/Incr Value
Network Discovery    
Discovers hardware models, parts, serials, OS details Yes 15-100% per system
Discovers Windows license keys Yes  
Hardware Diagnostic Tests    
Performs SMART test on hard drives Yes 15-45% per system
Performs battery test on laptops Yes  
Hard Drive Backup    
Performs full or partial backup to network storage Yes  
Hard Drive Image Transfer    
Migration of user data to another system Yes  
System Clean and Restore    
Erases individual files to Department of Defense standard Yes  
Restores system to original condition/settings Yes  
Hard Drive Sanitization    
Sanitizes all hard drives on Windows and Linux platforms Yes $25-$150 per system
Performs sanitization compliant with DOD standards Yes  
Allows for repeated overwrite Yes  
Prints certificate of data destruction Yes  
OS Restoration    
Restores Windows 2000 and XP OS to sanitized drives Yes $25-$225 per system
Barcode Assignment    
Assigns barcodes for systems and peripherals for tracking Yes