Venderis New Software Saves $ Millions for Personal Computer recycling.

Value of Used PCs can be increased by 50%!

On-site erasure and license recovery increase resale value significantly!

August 22, 2008, Raleigh, NC - Venderis (, the productivity leader in IT asset recovery, today launched the Venderis Solution Suite, a new software solution that solves end-of-life PC retirement issues for large enterprises. The Venderis software automates multiple functions, increases resale value and reduces overall end-of-life costs for large organizations refreshing PC technologies.

Venderis Mitigates Risk
Venderis features include secure disk wiping, license recovery, diagnostic testing and audits which can be performed on ten thousand systems simultaneously, across the LAN, WAN or enterprise network.

Typical PC retirement costs range between $60 and $130 per system. Venderis Solution Suite increases the resale value by more than the average retirement cost.

"Large organizations can now eliminate risk of sensitive data escaping into the public domain while at the same time increasing resale value," said Robert Davie, Founder of Venderis. "Most organizations leave over half of the asset's value on the table when selling or disposing. Restoring the Operation System to a wiped drive can often double the resale value," he continued.

Additionally, to recoup full value and prepare PC assets for resale, sellers can include Venderis hardware audits and diagnostic reports to a reseller or buyer.

Venderis Solution Suite is available now. It offers end-of-life solutions that are technically advanced but easy to use. It can be implemented across the network via a central server or through software distribution platforms such as Microsoft's Systems Management Server, IBM's Tivoli and BMC's Remedy.

About Venderis
A division of, Venderis was developed from experience acquired during a decade of assisting corporate end users and computer re-marketers in the resale of their IT assets. The company philosophy is Green - designing solutions to keep IT assets out of the landfills by making even the oldest technology practicable. For additional information, please visit or contact President Robert Davie at or call ITParade at 252-257-3722.